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About Infinite Life of the Many-times Humanity !
♻ The New Ideology & Replone Industry *

The community of the Humans with the:
Reciprocating Life Rules with the united Many-timers Oath :)
Personal Free (from 1B) or Paid (from 1 to 1B) Digital Line in the HUMANITYBOOK.COM®
from 1,000 for FREE Personal lines and 10,000 or 50,000+ years of guaranteed storing for Paid Lines (The Golden Billion),

The MASTER-CODE® Capsule with stabilised Natural Keratin Fibers of each Many-timers for Re-birth in the future by Replone Technologies
from 50,000 years for 4,000,000+ years of guaranteed storing in our terrestrial and extraterrestrial storages (Scince 1999, LIFEERUPTION, Reg.#3949-28/01/2000)

As option we recommend to all - our $ 0.99 US / Year "The Golden Billion" Club Memberships with clear access to the dozens New online Replone, Inc., Services from the HESS℠
- The Elementary Salvation System of Humans with a WE REMAIN®- 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Sets & Kits for full access to the immortalityshop.com and our international franchising - onemanshop.org®.

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